Our Services


A wide range of skills in house that will be required on this project. These include computerised planning techniques, cost planning and value engineering, risk analysis, risk management, contract advice and international procurement strategies.

Customer Experience:

Extensive experience in project management and financial cost control of development projects throughout the world. This experience can be made available to a project, firstly, through the formation of a steering group who can give strategic advice on various aspects of a project and secondly, by applying appropriate expertise from within the world wide network of offices to support a project team at key phases of the project.


Able to provide personnel with a wide range of skills and experience in management and control of large and complex projects.

At certain key points in a project when additional management resources are required, ACH is able to provide personnel on a flexible basis to meet these workload peaks. This is particularly relevant at the inception of a project where additional resources would be brought in to set up the project control system, prepare project procedures, finalise the Clients brief and establish project programmes.


Systems and procedures which have been developed and proven through use over a number of years on many projects. These systems and procedures would be made available and would be modified to suit the specific circumstances.

Our Cost Management personnel have developed and installed systems and procedures for a number of Clients involved in large-scale capital works programmes including the Hong Kong Government and the Ministry of Defense in the UK

Skills Transfer:

Great emphasis on training in the construction industry both within and outside our organisation. With extensive world-wide experience we feel uniquely placed to assess the needs of others and prepare courses and practical training suitable for their needs.

In this regard, the resources of ACH world-wide are available. In addition, we have associated with other leading organisation to provide joint expertise covering a wide range of activities. Lectures, courses and visits can be arranged within the host country, or abroad, or combining both, thereby making optimum use of experience available whilst minimising cost.